Within you there is a person who you've always known to exist, who has all you've ever wanted. the joy of life is to find them

Human Optimization

From Within

The world needs you now.

Empowered, Confident, and Fulfilled

Within every person are unique talents and gifts which are valuable and needed.

Everyone also has their own reasons why they aren't capitalizing on them.

But they go about optimizing themselves completely the wrong way.

It's not uncommon for people to form unhelpful mental patterns and lose touch with their gifts to try and

'do the right thing' to succeed, or find the next hack that will help them gain more energy.

The truth is that doing more is not the answer. 

That's why our goal is to help professionals do less of what isn't serving them, maintain sustainable energy, focus, and confidence in their own talents, so they can achieve the goals of their choosing.


We help people step into their inner power

and shed mental weight

so they can make their personal

and professional aspirations a reality.


We believe that, no matter their journey,

every individual can rely on their inner strengths and abilities

to give them the life which they can look back on.

A life which makes them feel







All without the feeling of burnout so common among many. We believe being productive and fulfilled is less about doing more, and more about doing less that doesn't serve your goals.

Our transformations are based in the belief that you have something to offer the world, and we are dedicated on helping you diminish the mental barriers to that offering.

The world is changing more than ever, and it needs you Energized Fulfilled and Confident

My biggest mission on this planet is to expand millions of people so they claim one simple thing: 

Personal Mental Freedom

When people are hurt, they can often become the cause for either more hurt, or great service to the world around them. I was not hurt by anyone around me except myself, and so, I was happy in life. Or so I thought. I may have been bullied, sure. I may have had struggles with overbearing parents and restricted financial pressure through typical immigrant life, but I found glimmers of happiness and generally was a happy kid. So why, I asked, did I end up depressed and lonely throughout college?


As I grew as an individual, and travelled the world to “find myself”, I discovered darkness within me that had grown and grown untamed. I used it to create art, and studied Theatre in the hopes it would open up the hearts of the audience by sharing my pain. And even though I was doing something that I absolutely wanted to do, I found myself empty and without purpose, dependent upon others for happiness. What was it, I thought, “that makes someone who has everything they could want to fall into depression and self-hatred, and turn so many situations against themselves?


I knew I had to transform, because even though I had studied and learnt the keys to success, somehow I could not apply them in my life. All of the yoga, meditation and counseling I had done still left me alone and broken, another relationship ending, leaving me completely battered and broken. One night, as I absolutely collapsed in tears from the pain in my heart, moaning and screaming in the forest alone and defeated, I knew something had to change. I knew that it was up to me.

I rediscovered my path, began meditating again and studying everything I could about self-development; the key, it seemed, to true happiness, was within. But this is what I had not known at the time, the key to my own pain, it seemed, is also within.

Through my studies in hypnosis and embodiment practices, I discovered that we all create maps for the world within ourselves, and they can either hurt us or help us. They determine how we see the world. The true magic came when I saw how it was possible to transform those maps in our minds. I had already seen how I could use my body to transform myself through the studies of ancient Chinese shamanism, Kundalini yoga and breathwork, but the element of change which I had been neglecting was the mind.

Through my first hypnotherapy session, I got to discover for myself the power within me which had been veiled as pain. I stopped pursuing acting, my lifelong dream, and decided I would shift my energy to sharing with others the truth of their own inner power:


That everything can be changed and shifted from within, because all of our perceptions, problems and beliefs are created from within.

Nothing excites me more than seeing people light up with the recognition of their own power, freedom, and fulfillment to achieve a life which is greater than they had before.