Human Optimization

From Within

You have powerful, practical tools you can use to improve your focus, eliminate mental noise and gain clarity of thought. You simply haven't been shown how to use them. Energy you spend on stress and anxiety can be redirected permanently so that you can use your skills productively and profitably. All without pills or lengthy talk therapy.

Capitalizing on your inner power is about claiming untapped reserves of energy, focus and wellness by using one thing:


If you are in a place that finds you struggling with anxiety, uncertainty in life, or you feel uninspired, exhausted, or simply blocked, and nothing has worked, or you don't know what to do, I'm very glad you're here. 

It's time to use your mind in a way that is available to everyone, but isn't taught in school.





Bad Habits?


Fear or insecurity?

Difficulty focusing?

Lack of Motivation?

Missing inspiration?

Feeling of stagnation?

Persistent Exhaustion?

Feel that life is just 'Difficult'?

The idea that you need to try hard and work for a long time to change your life is a MYTH. 

The old method of changing your life is simply about layering on new habits and ideas on the surface level.


The problem is:

Trying to form new habits on the foundation of old ones makes them unstable, and will often cause you to fall back on old patterns. 


With new discoveries in science such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, there is a deeper understanding of the functioning of the mind, and so, a greater ability to achieve lasting change,

at the deepest level.

You can now achieve that change by re-wiring the structural way that your mind works, in a way that makes the change permanent and QUICK

My goal is to bring you change that is fast and deep so that you can get on with your life quicker and enjoy the feeling of fulfillment, energy and vitality of life as fast as possible.


Because nobody has time to sit in a room once a week and talk about how they aren't getting what they want. I want to share with you the ability to cut right to the chase and start using your mind to work for you, rather than hold you back in old patterns. 

Sound good?

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Do you want to:​


- Be rid of bad habits?

- End self-destructive behaviors?

- Use your energy and time wisely?

- Productively and efficiently take action towards your goals?

- Maintain a sustainable work-life balance?

- Live in line with your values?

- Remove blocks that prevent you from making more money?

- Act confidently in the direction of your choice?

- Achieve independence from others' opinions?

- Boost self-confidence and self-esteem?

- Tap into your creative energy with confidence?

- Communicate honestly about what you want?

By literally changing your mind, you don't have to beat your head against a wall trying to change these programs.


I will help you go in and directly reprogram your mind to help you achieve the professional and personal goals that would bring you most fulfillment in your life.

You Can Choose

Focused attention is the greatest tool every person has, and it is in great demand in this highly mind-driven world.  

wouldn't it thrill you to have control over your behaviors, and get a grip on your habits so that you can focus your attention and guide your life as you wish?

A lot of who you are now can be reshaped.  Whether it be a habit, thought pattern or a belief about yourself or the world, you can quickly and permanently change through simple, practical techniques.

The science of the mind is far advanced from what you and I were taught in school, and the education system has a hard time keeping pace with new developments. Allow me to show you the immense power for change that you have within you.

Throughout life, you pick up modes of thought and beliefs which  are not true, and often can keep you trapped. The mind wants to keep things consistent, so it will often hold on to original ideas about the way the world works, even if they're outdated, even if you don't want them anymore. 

This is why creating new habits is not enough. 

Changing those beliefs on a deeper level is necessary.

You have the power to change your life by using the fundamental functions of your mind.

World class athletes have done it. Writers, actors and scientists  have all used the basic functions of the mind to transform their lives.


Your mind could be running outdated programs such as:

  • This situation should produce anxiety

  • Money is difficult to make

  • None of my ideas are good enough

  • I should hold onto this weight

  • I don't have                    , that means I'm failing

  • I am not going to succeed in this

  • I can't sit still or relax

  • I need this substance or this habit to stay in my life.

  • This relationship isn't going to work out

  • ​I'm just not                      kind of person.

If you relate to ANY of these, take comfort in knowing there is a way to quickly transform your mind, and re-write these internal dialogues. You simply have not been taught how to affect the mind in a way which promotes real, lasting change. I'm here to tell you there is a way.

If you would like to re-form your life consciously, through choice:

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My Story

 A Human optimizer by trade, I specialize in expanding people's energy, gaining confidence in their unique skills and helping them achieve the next level of their untapped potential.

I don't come from a particularly hard background, and yet I suffered massive anxiety, bouts of depression and issues with self doubt so great that I wouldn't get out of bed for days. Even though I was an actor, I would continually find myself defeated and unfulfilled. This led me to study the mind, self development, breathwork, and many embodiment practices. I've spent over 10 years studying Yoga, Meditation, Chi Gong, Breathwork, and Kundalini. What really changed was when I discovered hypnotherapy and recognized just how much we all have the power to change ourselves, and I knew that  I had to share this with the world. More about me here

Improving one's life by exploring the deeper recesses of the subconsciousness is a daunting undertaking to say the least.  But with Greg's wisdom and confident guidance I was able to go deep and stand face to face with my shadow self to examine what is holding me back!  For those looking to expand their lives in any way, I would highly recommend booking sessions with Greg - but be ready to strap yourself in for the ride!

Robert Haacke

Testimonial >

Sol Saint-Germaine

Testimonial >

The work I've done with Gregory has taken me to places deep within myself that I never knew was possible. As a healer and coach myself, it is rare that I am able to find someone who's able to support me to get to the next level. Gregory helped me gain perspective on things that I couldn't see before, and more importantly, he's helped me embody the changes needed to deepen into self-love, acceptance, and confidence. Because of him, I have found my voice and my power and it finally feels safe to share my gifts with the world. I am forever grateful for your support. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

My goal is to share this powerful experience and guide people like you to transformation that is deep, permanent, and simple. You don't need to do more to transform. You can begin by simply letting go of the things which stand in the way of your power. And the new science of the mind shows us just that. 

No Magic

My methods are direct and fast, and effectively transform, the foundation of your behaviors, thoughts and actions.

No Added Effort

It doesn't involve journaling or extensive practices. Just reforming your mental patterns

No Woo-Woo

Just simple neuroscience and other paradoxes.

No Harm

Turn your problems into resources, by coming to an understanding which goes beyond the traditional talk therapy model

 We all have the power to change the world with our unique strengths. Wouldn't it be wonderful when you let go once and for all the things which have been holding you back, and put your abilities, skills and talents towards the life you want?

Wouldn't it thrill you to have gotten rid of the stubborn blocks in the way of your freedom in life, and you finally started living on purpose, invigorated by your job, your passion, and free from harmful behavior that you yourself finally kicked?

The mind is the nexus of all the action that you take in the world. But what isn't widely known is what science is showing us: That the subconscious mind is the source of a majority of our actions, behaviors and beliefs.

You have probably tried to change something in your life and found that your efforts often fail. This is often because this part of your mind is running a program which opposes what you want to achieve. It's job is to  keep everything running as normal, and makes change difficult. For a long time, we have not known how to affect this part of the mind, and how to create deep, lasting results by reprogramming it.

Now, you do.

You can lay the foundation  in your mind for however you want your life to look, using neuroscience and practical tools of the mind.

What stops a lot of people from changing their lives are simply basic functions of the mind. This happens because the consistency needed to change your patterns of behavior requires a lot of energy. Your mind doesn't want to expend any more energy than it needs to, so it prefers to bring you back to familiar and habitual behaviors. That way, it can run automatic programs in your mind instead of using all of the energy necessary to form new ones. Changing these programs is the true key to your fast, permanent transformation. It is very much within every person's grasp.


What I focus on is giving you control of your mental programming, and provide you with the tools to write the program that supports your ideal life. 

To change from the outside in requires a lot of repetition. "Just keep at it", people say, "and things will change."  What often happens is you might enjoy a transformation on the first day, or even the first week, and it feels great. 


The issue comes in the long term. I've experienced this many times myself. I used to try and change habits to achieve my goals, only to fall back on old habits after a week or two of progress. When you use effort to change your behavior, you fall back on old habits, you slip, you backslide, whatever you call it, and it is a terrible feeling. It feels like failure, like you are wasting all of that effort you put in, and it begins to seem like that it is going to be so much WORK.

True transformation is using the basic functions of the mind to support your desired changes, rather than using effort.

Your inner power is the real key for growth and expansion.

The control of the subconscious extends farther than simply habits, beliefs or behaviors, it extends to health and wellness as well. Find out how, here:

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Why is it that my efforts always seem to fail, or take SO MUCH ENERGY?

I'm so glad you asked.

That subconscious mind which I mentioned earlier, it has a very specific job:
To keep everything operating as normal. 

When things change, the subconscious often sees them as an error, as something malfunctioning in daily programming.


"You usually hit the snooze button, don't you? Something must be wrong. I'll make sure tomorrow, you don't make the same mistake again. That way, I'll keep you safe, because you won't run into anything dangerous by doing something unfamiliar! Aren't I great?! You're welcome!" sings the mind. 


Your internal dialogue when you try to change a habit usually goes something like this:

Except you don't want that. You may have been depressed for months, or had a cigarette after every breakfast for the last 4 years, or you've reacted agressively towards any partner who ever cared about you, or you've associated pain with making money because your father showed you that it was terribly tiring to work and make money. 

And your own mind wants to keep things that way!

The subconscious doesn't know that. It wants to keep things normal.

So the best way to change?

Change from within.

Activate your inner power.




Within you is a great power:

To not do what others think you should do

-My Inner Power


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